E27 turned out quite well :-) though lengthy Q&As could've been better controlled with some Oscar music and ushered to be continued in the corridors. Or maybe its just me being the last presenter!

Thanks Justin & Bjorn for organising this event! Sorry I had to swap in with a laptop, as my Nokia thumbdrive died on me (remind self: never use storage device from handphone maker and never use handphone from a refrigerator maker)

The yet-to-be-formed singapore.rb was there as well. We had actually piggy backed on this event for a brief gathering. Though only 3 of us were there (4 I think? But we didn't get to connect), it was sure nice to see fellow Railers in the same room (Hi Doug & Billy)... perhaps a good prep for the big one tmrw.

Oh well, *yawn* looks like I gotta sleep before the flight after all...