The western father of Ruby, Dave Thomas, gave the opening keynote highlighting 3 unsolved problems in Rails (paying tribute to the 23 problems of mathematics

  1. Database Integration:
    • ActiveRecord models to extract has_many, belongs_to, etc relationships directly from foreign keys,
    • Migrations to absorb validation declarations: validates_presence_of, validates_numericality_of...
  2. Real-world CRUD (Scaffold)
    • Handles models' relationships
    • In-browser validation
    • Skinning
    • AJAX
  3. Deployment: Splitting Capistrano to 2
    • Server capistrano declares policies and support
    • Client capistrano declares what is needed (i.e.dependencies)

I'm sure I missed out some. So, there you go, a todo-list for Railers. Too bad RailsDay is over. A motivated 24-hour crunch is good for doing unsexy stuff like these.

And yea, I'll agree with Dave there, I mentioned this on e27 just the other day: Ruby corrupted me! I'm looking at Ruby code all day these days... and every other language source code is beginning to look so.. so ugly...

Session's startin. See ya