Sorry U-Zyn, but after trying out the feeds, I've unsubscribed. Nothing wrong with them, no hard feelings, but I'd just like to mention why:

The links don't bring me to the original article.

I know its probably (haven't tried) not your fault because the lousy data from todayonline doesn't contain the URL in the first place. And I can also hear "since the full content is there already, why need a link to the content?".

I guess I'm just one of the wierder 0.1% out of the 4% of people who is RSS-aware. But over time, I've tuned my reading process to what helps keep me sane, tracking the few hundred feeds that I'm subscribed to:

  1. Skims RSS articles from oldest to latest (to have context)
  2. Interesting articles gets ctrl-clicked (Firefox opens them in a background tab)
  3. Repeat #1 and #2 until the tabs looks too uncomfortable squeezing next to each other
  4. Start reading the tabs and closing them as I go
  5. Repeat from #1.

So, if step #2 doesn't happen its a no go for me.

Hmm, probably you could publish those articles on your own server with their own URL. But then again, there's this copyright thing.