There was some serious discussion and division of household duties this afternoon over a nice meal at Soup Restaurant. The meeting ended with me taking on the Washing, whereas Love landed the Ironing duties. Though her gleam made me suspicious that I got the shorter end of the stick, my spider sense predicts otherwise.

Washing is mostly braindead labor and logistics, hence has room to be automated further. Whereas, Ironing is an intricate process of pressing something hot on delicate materials - this requires attention and spans the whole process.

Also, history is on my side. The Ironing equipment might have improved from coals to electric/steam, but the process has hardly changed. On the other hand, Washing has come a long way from beating a stick beside the river, to scrubbing with washboards, to now - sitting beside the machine reading a book.

A high-end roomba is slated to be making its rounds in the house every day (its noisy, so only while we're out at work). No cooking will take place, hence plates washing & other kitchen duties will be bare minimal.

In our pursuit to set up a least-maintenance-accomodation, I think we're just left with finding a solution for curtains: No dark panes, no monthly washing / dusting, no troublesome hooks nor heavy drapes. Hmm.

Its great that both of us are lazy. Goals align naturally where there's least resistance.