Sprained my lower-back last monday and have been out of action ever since. I'd known but never truely appreciated the fact that the back muscles play such an important role in everyday activities - waking up (this is a tough one), bathing, sneezing (urgh!), walking, sitting, standing, sleeping... everything!

I could do them all eventually, but really really slowly. Exploring every move and experimenting how to do them without using my back. One wrong move and the back just go into a spasm. And since the body isn't conditioned to do those tasks the new way, the muscles feels tense and tire very easily. Not fun.

The weather apparently took pity on my immobilized state: just so that I won't miss the sunshine too much, it had rained continuously ever since.

Nevertheless, 2006 has been wonderful to me, and its gonna get better in 2007! (Hopefully my new omazz will contribute to a better back!) So, have a good year everyone!

"I have a feeling we are about to embark on a most unprecedented expedition!"
- Bill (& Ted)

Note: The funniest charade I've seen must've been for "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". Man, you're good!