The designer finishes, or so he thought, his final touches and uploads the website to a staging server. He fires off an email to his client with the URL of his website and packs up for the night. In the morning, the client sees the email and clicks on the link..., "Hmm.. almost there, but just a bit more refinements needed.."

At this point of time, the client would normally feedback by:

  1. Capturing a screenshot, paste it into Microsoft Word, use the drawing tools there to indicate and comment on where changes are required, or
  2. Sitting the designer next to him and point to the monitor, or
  3. Launching a "shared desktop" environment (e.g. gotomeeting) with the designer, and point to the virtual monitor

All not very convenient. What if he could simply doodle on the webpage, like he would've doodled on his screenshot in Microsoft Word? Only now, he don't need to take a screenshot, nor open Microsoft Word, nor save that file, nor email as an attachment back to the designer... he simply emails the designer a link - like this link.

To start drawing on a page, you'd click on a bookmark on your browser - the toolbar will then appear and you are ready to go (Note: you must click "Save" before you can pass your URL to someone else). No login, no passwords for either parties. More comments can be piled upon the page - RSS is provided to help keep track. All pages goes away after 2 weeks. No mess.

What do you think?

Note: Clicking on a bookmark to bring up the Edit toolbar is most convenient - Works fine in Firefox, but I seem to have trouble getting the bookmark to load an external javascript in IE6? Hence, IE6 is tentatively limited to view/edit pages only, not create new pages.

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