I'll be helping out in an event at the SMU tomorrow afternoon - the launch of code::XtremeApps:: - a 24hr programming competition in September. The 3 platforms of choice for participants are Ruby on Rails, Google Gadget and Google Toolkit. And there'll be a Rails crash course in 1st Sept.

I'm quite happy to help bring awareness to Rails before the more mainstream locals (hat tip to Chin Chau). A breath of fresh air in the current curriculum of schools.

Peter Bohm (NextLogic) will be on stage selling Rails to the audience of potential participants while I try to act busy. I don't think he'll have much trouble. I hypothesize that you can actually find more Rails programmers in prison than in schools here thanks to his training courses ;-D

Anyways, if a competition whets your appetite or you happen to be near SMU, do drop by!

Update: Since some have asked, I need to clarify that my "prison" statement above was referring to Peter running a training course in the Prison that teaches some of them Ruby on Rails programming. :-P