Since my job posting is mysteriously not appearing on joelonsoftware job board, I thought I might as well post them here. So if you know of anyone who might be interested in this, please forward this entry to them - thanks lots!

1. Affle

What does Affle do? MY description would be: The current flagship product, SMS2, is basically Adsense for SMS - but mostly content (rss, headlines, e.g.) instead of ads. i.e. relevant, non-intrusive. You can read in more detail here.

Care deeply about algorithms, protocols, huge data sets, web2.0, user experience or Friday pizza? Then you'll be in good company. Apply here. The tech hq is here in Singapore.

2. SharedCopy

What was once a proof of concept is now my fulltime project - how's that for work and play? This nifty little tool let's anyone with a browser to write on any webpage - and share it easily.

Young project with lots of ideas to explore and expand. If this gets your coding fingers dancing already, drop me an email - choonkeat at - this project needs you!