After many many iterations, and with the help of Divya, I've finally pushed out the redesigned SharedCopy website. New logo, new color scheme, new icons. New.

The biggest change, for me, is the comments. Compare the old listing:

Expanded listing of related comments

With the new:

Comment Listing on SharedCopy

Not just a change in look, but the amount of information is also different. The threaded relationship of conversations are visually represented now. A full fledged "comments section" for any web page.

It used to be that SharedCopy is about keeping a copy of a web page - and placing annotations on top. But its become quite clear now, that there's something else as important (if not more so). To paraphrase a famous saying,

"Its the comments, stupid"

Let's see where this realisation takes me.

I'll leave you with a whirlwind tour of the revamped application (1 minute only!). A little video clip I did with my Macintosh:

The SharedCopy Demo from choonkeat on Vimeo.