There's a lot of opinions on Microsoft's decision to bid for Yahoo.. but Fake Steve, in his usual over the top commentary style, blabbered one that saw real blood:

It's like taking the two guys who finished second and third in a 100-yard dash and tying their legs together and asking for a rematch, believing that now they'll run faster. link »
He's not really a tech guy. He has a mindset that was formed in Detroit, where he grew up. He's a Big Three automaker kind of guy. And this is a Big Three move. It's Ford buying Jaguar and Land Rover and Volvo because they can't think of anything else to do. link »
Ballmer said he loved when his rivals merged, because whenever the also-rans in any market start teaming up they might as well be waving a white flag. Because it's over. You've beaten them. You've driven them to despair. They haven't been able to beat you on their own; there's no way they'll do it together. Then he told me that line about the hundred-yard dash. I'll never forget it. But I guess he has. link »
- from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Monkey Boy's three-legged race via

Time to buy Google shares.