There are so many things to read on the web - tech news, links from friends and blogs - and I’d open them, “hmm looks interesting, will read them later” but never could find time to do so in day.

grokked: hi, do you know any web service that can add arbitary web pages to an RSS feed? like i have a whole bunch of pages open in my browser and i want to just add them into google reader for review later
me: maybe can email urself the page or soemthing.. or maybe delicious them. that’s also an RSS
grokked: i was thinking more of the actual page appearing within google reader… this only give me urls
me: hmmm

And hence an experimental feature was quietly launched: The “read later” bookmarklet - Click on the bookmarklet and SharedCopy will stash the page somewhere for you to read later, in your favourite feed reader:

sharedcopy - "read later" feature

Try it out! You can find your own “read later” feed at the bottom of your account “Settings” page :-)